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#[anon:1648916768]@2022-04-02 16:26
when the lyrics hit
#[skye:1648916800]@2022-04-02 16:26
"I could have been great but I smoked myself braindead"
- william crooks, loser's pace
#[anon:1648919501]@2022-04-02 17:11
I didn't make the money I stole it
Had to stretch it out, got my bank account doing yoga
#[anon:1649003842]@2022-04-03 16:37
I'm plug walking on water I feel like jesus did
#[anon:1649504460]@2022-04-09 11:41
If I'm really being honest when I get old
Need a commune where the best weed get grown
Willy made the bread, we don't need to get dough

- william crooks, drive it like u stole it
#[anon:1649504487]@2022-04-09 11:41
all of these so far are from running as fast as you can by william crooks because I can't bring myself to listen to anything else
#[blowjob bitch:1649566467]@2022-04-10 04:54
“ Man, my life been hell, ayy
But lately I been doing fuckin' well, hey
Hats off to my fuckin' self”
-Pierre Bourne, “Congratulations”
#[anon:1649897487]@2022-04-14 00:51
my opps invented shirts - est gee
#[scott:1650405967]@2022-04-19 22:06
"This is gospel for the vagabonds
Ne'er-do-wells, and insufferable bastards
Confessing their apostasies
Led away by imperfect impostors"
I really like this one because it represents how the impostor is sus
#[anon:1653599459]@2022-05-26 21:10
I don’t do no features
I flex on my teachers
My tracks bumpin speakers
I ball you in bleachers
Yo hoe she a tweaker
I know that you need her
We pull up in masks looking like we some ski'erz

-TJ Dizzle SnoMan, “Chinatown”
#[anon:1669055836]@2022-11-21 18:37
he said he's looking at someone else but directing everything to me
anytime anyone gets on their knees and prays it makes my telephone ring, i'll be damned

#[anon:1673470664]@2023-01-11 20:57
zillikami - you can smd
#[anon:1675372874]@2023-02-02 21:21
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