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#[anon:1667602274]@2022-11-04 22:51
hello everyone this is it
#[anon:1668562949]@2022-11-16 01:42
this site goes. is it dead?
#[anon:1668649995]@2022-11-17 01:53
it's only a little dead but not all the way
#[anon:1668650083]@2022-11-17 01:54
#[anon:1668737255]@2022-11-18 02:07
dont see any way to link to posts. but i asked if the site was dead, and it is... but you're right not fully. i'll be coming back soon
#[anon:1668740265]@2022-11-18 02:57
i mean ok if this is dead then it was never really alive. there have probably been only like 3 or 4 consistent posters in the entire history of the site

also, to link to posts, you can click that lil # next to the usernames and copy the link that it brings you to. it links to a specific post in a thread. if you want to link to posts from within the same thread, then you can copy the id of the post (the little unix timestamp to the right of the username) and link to it like >>[id]

for example, >>1668737255
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