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/sleepy/ - thread for tired little boys

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#[snoozer sharon:1651154150]@2022-04-28 13:55
i am tired.
#[skye:1651156034]@2022-04-28 14:27
omg same bestie
#[skye:1651156046]@2022-04-28 14:27
I'm on so fucking much caffeine rn
#[anon:1651156383]@2022-04-28 14:33
i took allergy meds at 9:30 last night and they’re still making me so drowsy. around midnight when i was starting to shut down my cs partner starting berating me about the reflection sheet for a project we (mostly she) did and i was trying to rewrite everything while completely faded.
#[anon:1651501406]@2022-05-02 14:23
#[anon:1651506509]@2022-05-02 15:48
I'm sleepy and don't have monster
#[skye:1651590486]@2022-05-03 15:08
sleepy in class today ... wanna blow out my brains lowkey but I'll keep on living baby
#[anon:1651591520]@2022-05-03 15:25
nah you dont wanna kill yourself. youd miss the new blaseball season
#[anon:1651674237]@2022-05-04 14:23
i love making bad decisions and midnight and living their consequences in real time!!!!!!
#[skye:1651759820]@2022-05-05 14:10
i'm beginning to think that my caffeine intake is connected to my seemingly chronic exhaustion
#[anon:1652378892]@2022-05-12 18:08
honk shoo honk shoo
#[anon:1652379502]@2022-05-12 18:18
#[anon:1653093251]@2022-05-21 00:34
sometimes when i wake up my arm is totally numb for like 3 minutes
#[skye:1654183943]@2022-06-02 15:32
sleepy today. drinking two monsters. vibing
#[anon:1654359343]@2022-06-04 16:15
i loveeeee guanfacine
#[anon:1654361507]@2022-06-04 16:51
is it making you drowsy?
#[anon:1658002188]@2022-07-16 20:09
#[some guy:1658734660]@2022-07-25 07:37
I'm fucking SEEPY!!!! I'm TIRED I wanna go BED!!!!!!
#[lim:1662017569]@2022-09-01 07:32
I'm fucking eepy rn I'm an eepy little guy feeling totally blanket pilled scrimblo
#[anon:1662067891]@2022-09-01 21:31
I'm so tired modafinil isn't working gonna take a nap when I get home
#[skye:1663950664]@2022-09-23 16:31
I am so sleep deprived and my brain is barely functioning ama
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