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/meal/ thread - the worst food

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#[anon:1657226068]@2022-07-07 20:34
the worst food i've ever made was a "breakfast sandwich" that consisted of two pieces of plain white bread, rice krispies cereal in the middle, glued together with a copious amount of honey
#[anon:1657421428]@2022-07-10 02:50
#[anon:1673045975]@2023-01-06 22:59
this one time in preschool they gave us bowls of salted tap water and called it "soup"
#[skye:1673269288]@2023-01-09 13:01
one time in elementary school my parents gave me spaghetti-os and they were my favorite food and it was in a thermos but when i got to lunch i tried to eat them and it turned out it was actually dirty dish water because my dad started washing the thermos and forgot to finish before putting it in my lunchbox and i cried
#[anon:1673513573]@2023-01-12 08:52
as a kid i used to sprinkle salt and lemon pepper on untoasted bread and eat it
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