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#[anon:1652886803]@2022-05-18 15:13
for art you make

#[anon:1652886818]@2022-05-18 15:13
graphic design
#[anon:1653576038]@2022-05-26 14:40
it's being printed
#[anon:1653576099]@2022-05-26 14:41
I'm so fucking glad that my teacher hasn't asked any questions about this lol

#[anon:1654526718]@2022-06-06 14:45
turning this in for a mug design
#[anon:1654526776]@2022-06-06 14:46
edit: made it comic sans
#[anon:1654526829]@2022-06-06 14:47
wow the disrespect to me smh
#[anon:1668737076]@2022-11-18 02:04
should i actually upload some stuff here where i feel like no one who cares will see it. or should i keep keeping it to myself
#[skye:1668740428]@2022-11-18 03:00

yes post it!!! only way to make a forum more active is to post :) /diy/ is definitely the least used board but i kinda knew that would be the case when i made it

#[anon:1669083606]@2022-11-22 02:20
they climbed dragons peak
#[skye:1669142840]@2022-11-22 18:47
i really love this!! the style is cute and the colors you picked are so pretty
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