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what are you doing?

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#[skye:1651762648]@2022-05-05 14:57
share what you're working on
#[skye:1651762689]@2022-05-05 14:58
I've been updating the pages for http://badboy.institute and http://wiki.badboy.institute . really into just using element blocks and adding plaintext nowadays.
#[anon:1651948459]@2022-05-07 18:34
redid my site to be more boring
#[anon:1651949046]@2022-05-07 18:44
#[anon:1651949826]@2022-05-07 18:57
I think it looks nicer
#[anon:1651950074]@2022-05-07 19:01
also I'm bored
#[skye:1652058376]@2022-05-09 01:06
making a git server
#[anon:1669238453]@2022-11-23 21:20
working on a game for the play date with my bf. we are making good progress despite neither of us doing anything like it before
#[anon:1669268613]@2022-11-24 05:43
whoa that's super sick. do you recommend the play date? it seems really interesting to me
#[anon:1669325477]@2022-11-24 21:31
>>1669268613 it is a cool device! lots of really really neat games on it already, and new games come out every season. plenty of free games on itch too. to be honest i haven't played one myself yet because our order batch keeps getting pushed.. but the simulator is fine enough lol. i'll post mor when i get it and our game is finished should be early next year
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