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#[anon:1649110326]@2022-04-04 22:12
what we growing girlies
#[skye:1649256353]@2022-04-06 14:45
might start growing some plants in my room in addition to my garden... not sure what to grow though
#[shitpussy:1649557076]@2022-04-10 02:17
some nice flowers to give the room a pretty atmosphere
#[skye:1649597363]@2022-04-10 13:29
oh what a coincidence, I just started up some marigolds yesterday in my room :3
#[anon:1649898822]@2022-04-14 01:13
that’s rad as SHIT jabroni. you better send update pics

#[skye:1650043074]@2022-04-15 17:17
marigolds poppin
#[skye:1650044045]@2022-04-15 17:34
I really wanna grow morning glories but my dad won't let me on account of the seeds containing LSA
#[skye:1650139921]@2022-04-16 20:12
started some moonflowers today

#[anon:1650141404]@2022-04-16 20:36
forget me nots 🥺

#[anon:1650452876]@2022-04-20 11:07
they grow up so fast 🥺🥺🥺
#[anon:1650514124]@2022-04-21 04:08
they’re adorable 🥰
#[skye:1650981005]@2022-04-26 13:50
my mother knocked my plants onto the floor ☹️
#[anon:1650984161]@2022-04-26 14:42
agriculture btfo
#[skye:1652394638]@2022-05-12 22:30
all my plants have died :(((
#[anon:1652473960]@2022-05-13 20:32
trans reference
#[anon:1655815456]@2022-06-21 12:44
#[anon:1669238391]@2022-11-23 21:19
i just adopted a bunch of plants from my friend and im really afraid of killing them. he had them for so long and now i have them and theyre gonna die
#[anon:1670512665]@2022-12-08 15:17
Marigolds gotta be the best flowers out there
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