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#[skye:1650552023]@2022-04-21 14:40
for asking about what the *users* think
#[anon:1650552068]@2022-04-21 14:41
how would we feel about moving threads from /diy/ to /gen/ and deleting the /diy/ board? it's hardly used currently and could still fit in the category of general posts, unless you think it's still needed as a separate space
#[anon:1650559388]@2022-04-21 16:43
well how did you imagine diy as a board to be like down the line? cause assuming if this forums becomes a big hub for cs discussion and all the discussion topics that come with that, it might be good to have. right now it’s not much but if this site grows it might be good to keep seperate
#[anon:1653394659]@2022-05-24 12:17
should I do a major refactor on how posts are stored which may or may not break the site or leave it how it is (really slow)
#[anon:1653402893]@2022-05-24 14:34
i haven’t noticed any problems with the site’s speed. then again i’m dumb
#[anon:1653481478]@2022-05-25 12:24
okay I'll probably leave it as is. the current infra doesn't scale well though, so I worry as threads approach the hundreds of replies mark it'll get really bad. but we'll just have to see
#[anon:1655592698]@2022-06-18 22:51
is murder zone too slow? should I take the site down for a few days to rewrite it from scratch (but keep the old posts)?
#[anon:1655696876]@2022-06-20 03:47
nevermind the rewrite #epicfailed so you will just have to cope
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