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#[anon:1648048001]@2022-03-23 15:06
for when you want to ANNOY your site dev
#[anon:1649955412]@2022-04-14 16:56
page numbers
#[anon:1649956506]@2022-04-14 17:15
what do you mean by that?

#[anon:1649960640]@2022-04-14 18:24
y’know like
#[skye:1649973457]@2022-04-14 21:57
done :3
#[anon:1649981335]@2022-04-15 00:08
hey thanks duuuude!
#[anon:1649987394]@2022-04-15 01:49
compose a 4-measure piece of elevator music that plays constantly on the site
#[skye:1650040496]@2022-04-15 16:34
omg yes
#[anon:1650250926]@2022-04-18 03:02
anon is overused. change the default usi to cracker as a throw back to the roots
#[anon:1650279152]@2022-04-18 10:52
I was actually thinking of being like lainchan where it does a randomized name for anon posts, how does that sound
#[anon:1650303974]@2022-04-18 17:46
is it like a set of names that are pulled randomly from a list or will it be like “fhdidjwiubtbifushegta”?
#[anon:1650319470]@2022-04-18 22:04
the former
#[fhdidjwiubtbifushegta:1650328013]@2022-04-19 00:26
oh yeah that sounds sweet af. could you make a thread or section where users could input names onto the list? i think that'd be cool
#[forrest:1650402578]@2022-04-19 21:09
you gotta set up https
#[skye:1650403403]@2022-04-19 21:23
but every time I've tried it hasn't worked
#[skye:1650474954]@2022-04-20 17:15
there. done
#[anon:1651162714]@2022-04-28 16:18
will there be tags like the old site?
#[anon:1651165272]@2022-04-28 17:01
tags meaning what
#[anon:1651174262]@2022-04-28 19:31
like the one liners that showed up every time the home page was loaded
#[anon:1651174440]@2022-04-28 19:34
OH right, yeah I should add those again. it'll be easy just gotta actually do it
#[anon:1651183823]@2022-04-28 22:10
#[anon:1651885166]@2022-05-07 00:59
#[anon:1651946823]@2022-05-07 18:07
what would this entail?
#[anon:1651953168]@2022-05-07 19:52
black background with pixel art gifs
#[anon:1651960323]@2022-05-07 21:52
hella nightcore on that bitch too
#[anon:1652371363]@2022-05-12 16:02

#[anon:1652371394]@2022-05-12 16:03
it do not work :(
#[anon:1652372142]@2022-05-12 16:15
that's because I strip html tags. I can try to fix this but I might not; it is for security reasons so people can't inject code into pages
#[anon:1652372285]@2022-05-12 16:18
fixed >-< <div> <pre>
#[anon:1652374354]@2022-05-12 16:52
>-< thank you :3
#[anon:1652375861]@2022-05-12 17:17
yyouw welcome x3
#[anon:1652380005]@2022-05-12 18:26
#[anon:1652409175]@2022-05-13 02:32
haha maybe a delete post button 😳
#[anon:1652433249]@2022-05-13 09:14
wouldn't work without js, obnoxious site design, and/or hellish backend work, so no, sorry
#[anon:1652433308]@2022-05-13 09:15
I plan on deleting the duplicate posts soon I just haven't made it around to my computer in a hot second
#[anon:1652709544]@2022-05-16 13:59
what about a board with a crackerbot-esque program where you would tap a button and it would display a randomly generated quote
#[anon:1652791665]@2022-05-17 12:47
hm yeah I could try to do that. it'd be a good project
#[anon:1652889959]@2022-05-18 16:05

peep /mkv/
#[anon:1654258687]@2022-06-03 12:18
load times getting pretty longer. is there an issue?
#[anon:1654535661]@2022-06-06 17:14
the infra is not proving to scale well. I will be working on this more in the future, but for now I will simply allocate more ram to my server.

#[anon:1655478733]@2022-06-17 15:12
shits kinda fucked shawty
#[anon:1655518450]@2022-06-18 02:14
oh hm. strange. lemme look into that
#[anon:1655518586]@2022-06-18 02:16
fixed :>
#[scott:1658733915]@2022-07-25 07:25
dark mode theme, it is 1:30 am and I am burning my eyes out to be here and I don't know how to make css or load it automatically
#[anon:1665158279]@2022-10-07 15:57
what about a little box in the top left corner or something that showed the number of users online
#[anon:1665320235]@2022-10-09 12:57
it'd be kind of impossible to make that without having user accounts since most of the hits on this site would likely be bots from web scrapers and whatnot
#[anon:1670687516]@2022-12-10 15:51
site needs its own version of greentexts
#[anon:1670774070]@2022-12-11 15:54
like just change the color of the text if it starts with a >?
#[anon:1670774165]@2022-12-11 15:56
😃yep yep yep!
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